Model 11-T stretcher
Model 11-T stretcher is weightless with an inventive track mechanism that facilitates movement downstairs with improved control. Its narrow track-to-floor clearance and 2 front wheels makes maneuverability easy over multiple types of surfaces. It can be folded in half after or when not being used for easy haulage and storage. It includes two 5” quick release restraints, footrest and carrying case.
Model 11 Stretcher
Model 11 Stretcher is made of lightweight aluminum frames and durable vinyl-coated nylon cover which is bactericidal. It’s simple and flat with unique slim-line center hinges which permit the stretcher to fold into compacted storage. Complete with 5” release restraints, it comes in burgundy. For simplified use, model 385-A combination and storage carrying case is available.
Model 131 stretcher
Manufactured with 18 ounce nylon and solid oak slats, model 131 stretcher is extremely flexible with heat-sealed seams protecting the slats and the general makeup. Three 2” webbing straps secure the body to the stretcher and the six handles around it make it simple to carry the body. This model is available in burgundy.
Model 135 stretcher/ body bag
Model 135 stretcher/ body bag is a combination of both a stretcher and a body bag which folds entirely to conceal the body. Its fabricating material doesn’t absorb moisture and fluids; it’s fire resistant, robust and non-staining. It comprises a zipper, six handles and is available in burgundy.
Model 338 pouch
In case of tragedy, model 338 pouch is suitable. Its tough vinyl coated nylon fabric makes it robust. It features head-to-toe brass zippers, six gripping handles which permit the pouch to function as a platform for carrying patients. It comes in a burgundy color.
Model 347-1 disposable pouch
Model 347-1 disposable pouch is made of sealed vinyl that is resilient and non-staining. It is leak-proof and won’t wear or be affected by chemicals or heat. It is available in u-shape, straight or tape zipper.