Reeves specialty accessories
Reeves inventiveness came up with several equipment which can be used to cater for different people with different injuries. The Reeves specialty equipment are made of durable fabricating materials and design which makes them to be used for a very long period.
The Reeves stadium stretcher
The Reeves stadium stretcher is used to evacuate casualties from sporting facilities such as stadiums where numerous steps can be a great hindrance to mobility. Finished with four handles at the sides, it has a firm grip even when carried for long. Also, the two longitudinally placed straps which hold the victim firmly on the chair makes them not to wobble off when being carried. It is strong and lightweight, weighing only 4.5 pounds.
Reeves spinal board
Reeves spinal board was uniquely made for spinal and neck injuries victims. It is made to minimize movement during evacuation. It has a high load bearing capacity of up to 1000 pounds and is made of technologically advanced material which make them x ray translucent. It has sixteen handles with several strapping locations that are suitable for both children and adults; this makes the boards efficiently usable. The Reeves spinal board weighs only 13 pounds.
Reeves splint kit set
Reeves splint kit set is used in case of a long bone fracture specifically the arm or leg. Velcro straps facilitate quick strapping and easy installation of the splint kit set on the casualty.
Hardwood slats
Hardwood slats give stability and control for either a leg or the arm. The 18 oz. vinyl coated fabric makes it non-staining, quick and easy to clean up. This splint set weighs 5 pounds. Buying this model comes with a free carrying case for the splint package.