Showroom Trucks

Ferno is the number one producer of the best showroom trucks and drapes currently available in the market. Armed with top notch technology, their drapes and trucks are non-staining and their durability ensures they are not vulnerable to wear. They are easy to clean and very minimal user maintenances is required. Drape frames are also available to provide attachment to drapes when installed on trucks.
Model 110 showroom truck
Model 110 showroom truck is two way and works both as a showroom and utility truck. Fabricated with polished aluminum frames, this model is robust and lasts for a very long time. Rubber tips hold caskets in place while the five inch ball bearing wheel make this truck highly motile in difficult terrains. Model 110 can hold weight reaching up to 600 lb.
Model 110-F drape frame
Model 110-F drape frame attachment provides a surface whose drapes fit model 110 and 112 showroom trucks.
Model 110-D showroom truck drape
Model 110-D showroom truck drape is befitting model 110 and 112 showroom trucks. This drape is available in blue, burgundy, evergreen, cardinal, gold and silver options of color.
Model 112 showroom truck
Model 112 showroom truck has an extra-long and wide wheel base, which enhances stability and splendid balance. It is versatile and can also perform as a utility truck. Its frames are made of highly polished and tough aluminum which makes these trucks exceptionally durable and require very minimal maintenance. The high polish also makes it stainless and easy to clean. Rubber tips will hold the casket or other boxes stationary and, five inch ball bearing aid in maneuverability hence this truck can be driven past obstacles with ease. It has a wide surface and can accommodate heavy weights reaching around 600 pounds.