Ferno innovations produce various scoops that are used in extraction of bodies that accommodate the different body types and sizes. Available in three models: Ferno mortuary scoop EXL, 65 scoop stretcher and 64 body scoop stretcher, these scoops are of advanced quality and durability, with a stylish finish.
Ferno Mortuary Scoop EXL
Ferno Mortuary Scoop EXL is crafted to minimize operator fatigue, discomfort and injury and can be placed beneath the body without rolling or lifting the body. Simply disconnect the end clasps, slide the scoop under the body in a scissor motion then join the two clasping ends. The scoop can be adjusted to three lengths to cater for various body sizes and its non-staining surface makes it easy to clean the equipment. It is equipped with three restraints.
Model 65 scoop stretcher
Model 65 scoop stretcher is designed to be disconnected from either of the ends and inserted beneath the body in scissor motion. It is made from weightless aluminum which also makes it profoundly durable. The 65 scoop can be varied lengthwise to accommodate various body sizes, and it also comes with three restraints.
Model 64 body scoop stretcher
Model 64 body scoop stretcher can be positioned under the body without lifting or rolling the body. This model is equipped with quick release hinges which separate at each end for positioning beneath the body. Both sides can be snapped and placed inside the model 335 first call pouch, 330 first call cover or directly on the cot mattress. Strong but lightweight aluminum is used to make the body of the scoop. Restraints are purchased separately.
All scoop models are light in weight, can carry large weight between 350 to 400 pounds without straining and have an adjustable length to comfortably accommodate both long and shorter bodies.