Rollers & Bier Pins

Ferno mortuary casket table are made with the latest technology to make them very strong since they have to adapt to carrying weight reaching near 1000 pounds. They are also non-staining and resilient and thus require minimal user preservation.
Model 124 adjustable casket table
Model 124 adjustable casket table can be modified to fit different vehicle sizes. By positioning bier pins, the casket table will be able to accommodate both children and adult caskets equally well. Bier pins are sold separately. This model is sufficiently spaced on the surface and has a strong body to allow it to carry weights reaching up to 1000 pounds.
Model 156 roller system
Model 156 roller system lets all stock extended motor vehicle to load a vast variety of equipment so it can always be ready to be in use. This model caters for various combinations of caskets, cots, and most of the trays. The only change which should be made is removal of bier pins.
Having similar style roller mechanism as model 124, casket table 156 mounts to the ground; however it can carry a cot which doesn’t possess the same dimensions. Its bier pins are sold separately. Model 156 has enough surface space and can carry a load weighing 1000 pounds.
Tailgate roller assemblies is available as single or dual assembly. The single roller assembly is in dimensions of 104 cubic inches while the dual roller assembly is in 192 cubic inches.
There is a collection of bier pin models. The available models are 576 bier pin set, 577-A bier pin set, 577-S bier pin set. These also come with a bier pin storage plate.