Resin, Glass, & Ceramic Urns

Terrybear is committed to giving the best preservation methods of your beloved’s cremains. They produce quality urns and, you are assured of a comforting customer service. Their urns are made of resin, glass and ceramic. They come with various finishes; mosaic, orchid, floral and paragon. Both have very attractive and emotional designs on the outside to give them a captivating look and feel.
The mosaic urn
The mosaic urn is made from a combination of resin and glass. It comes in two varieties, iris and hibiscus. Type L has a height of 10.9 inches, width of 7.6 inches, and depth of 7.6 inches. Type K has a height of 3.4 inches, width of 2.6 inches and depth of 2.6 inches. All of these urns have enough space for sufficient containment of cremains.
Orchid is available in indigo (C320L) and burgundy (C321L) color options. All of their details are made on resin which is hand painted masterfully according to customer specifications. These urns have the same space: height of 9.4”, a width of 7.7” and depth of 7.7” giving it a capacity of 200.
Floral patterned urn
Purchasing a floral patterned urn comes with a free personal keepsake photo frame made of brass. The floral model is skillfully hand painted on hard ceramic. It is available in three grades; L (height of 10.2”, width of 7.25” and depth of 7.25 “), PF (height of 5.7”, width of 4.0” and depth of 1.9”) and K (height 4.2”, width of 2.9” and depth of 2.9”)
Paragon is available in orchid, sapphire and meadow; all of which are limited varieties made on fusion glass. They come in two classes, class L including a cardboard urn and K. class L has a capacity of 200 while L has a capacity of 25