Reeves Sleeve

Reeves sleeves
In case of heavily injured casualties, Reeves sleeves come in handy. They can be fitted onto Reeves flexible stretchers and they firmly immobilize harmed victims especially those with spinal and neck injuries. They are non-stain and made of tough and highly tensile materials which make them resistant to stretch and other chemicals like acids, alkalis and related liquids. The main fabricating material is 18 oz. vinyl coated polyester that is very compatible with soap and any stains can be washed off.
Reeves sleeves come in several models; Reeves sleeve 122 available in black and orange, Reeves sleeves model II available in orange and black, drag able Reeves sleeves which is only available in orange. These sleeves facilitate evacuation of casualties from confined areas especially those with spinal and neck injuries. Reeves sleeve II has a reinforced bottom and comfortable handles for a strong grip for maximum mobility in all terrains and spaces. Reeves sleeves drag able model has coated nylon, plastic bottom and diaper harness which allow it to be pulled along the ground. It also includes metal press and release buttons.
All of these models of sleeves are resilient and can be quite resistant to puncturing and very harsh abrasives. They also have enough surface space which makes them accommodate both larger and smaller sizes of bodies. The strong material used to make the sleeves is the enabling factor for carrying weights of load reaching up to 1000 pounds. They have chest and leg extenders for large patient and bridle harness for quick evacuation in both vertical and horizontal positions. Additional spinal board can be inserted to hold firm people with neck and spinal injuries which require utmost care. There are other color specifications which should be inquired upon when placing an order.