Terrybear Personalization
Terrybear products are devoted to give the best customer service. In addition to producing the best urns and vaults, memory chests and boxes, keepsakes and other products, they also engrave names and artwork on them in an artistic but reasonable manner. In order to personalize your Terrybear urns and keepsakes among other products, there are several fonts and engraving artwork to make them more personal.
The types of fonts used in marking names include; neutral, neutral italics, Eames, Eames italics, Arial, Lucida, mission script and Edwardian script. These different typesetted and grouping of consistently designed glyphs, add very many meaningful methods to make your keepsake product even more personal.
Engraving artwork
Engraving artwork can also be included on urns and keepsakes. The engravings are artistic yet emotional to give a nostalgic emotional reminder of your loved one. Such artwork include; cross, cross and starburst, Celtic cross, angel, dove with ribbon, dove, star of David, praying hands, wedding rings, cherub boy, cherub girl, baby footprints, hearts, 6 point star, ribbon, lily, rose stem, wheat, shamrock, tree, mountains, humming bird, butterfly, eagle, fish, dolphin, wolf howling, antlers, elk, bow and arrow, fish rod, fisherman in canoe, equestrian, baseball, basketball, football, soccer, golf green, plane, motorcycle, checkered flags, marathon medal, ship wheel, bowling pins and ball, electric guitar, waving United States flag, United states flag, world war II veteran, star, caduceus, masonic, treble clef, infinity, peace sign and teddy bear. These engravings include words, symbols and pictures which can be used to make your urn or any other terrybear product more customized for the customer.