Operating Tables

Ferno, with excellent customer service and high reputation of equipment manufacturing, is devoted to produce top notch operating tables that are efficient, made of non-staining steel, and are durable. Operating tables are available in a wide range of models to choose from. Also, they have adequate surface space to hold all body types. They are made of lightweight but strong materials and have a high minimum load weight so that it can accommodate heavier bodies.
Model 101-H hydraulic
Model 101-H hydraulic operating table is equipped with three pedals for height adjustment for operating while sitting or standing. The top is convex to effectively drain fluid from the body, and the trench running the whole perimeter eliminates the need for splash guards. It has a drain at the foot end to remove fluids from the table. Wheel brakes hold the table at a constant position when rolling or stationary.
Model 102 Ferno Folding
Model 102 Ferno Folding Operating Table is perfect for transferring, embalming and dressing. A release lever adjusts the height to suitable positions. It has a curved surface to drain body liquids and a drain at the food end to remove the table fluids. The turning wheels are fastened to stabilize the table when in use. This model can be folded and stored in limited space such as inside a closet or at the back of a door.
Model 103 combination table
Model 103 combination table has multiple uses and can be used for both embalming, transferring and dressing. Each end can be adjusted conveniently to attain the required operator’s height and working drainage. It is also added with deep toughs and a convex surface for effective drainage and splash proof mechanisms which make void the need to have splash gourds. Six inch wheel locks hold the table in position when in use.