Metal Urns

Made of either brass or aluminum, Grecian is offered in different sizes i.e (L, K, and H). It’s available in new magenta, new blue, bronze, pewter, crimson and rustic bronze. L, K, and H have a capacity of 200, up to 5 and 3 respectively.
Aria exists in different sizes with capacities of 200, up to 5 and 3. Varieties includes; ascending, the tree of life, wheat, rose, butterfly, and dolphin. Brass is used in the manufacturing of Aria.
It’s made of brass and aluminum and comes with a small cherry heart stand. The urn is available in purple, blue, and ruby. It is also designed with a narrow profile. Three classes exist; L, K, and H. L is the largest with a capacity of 200.
Legacy metallic
This urn is available in silver, blue, pink, and crafted from aluminium. It occurs in four classes, class H being the smallest. A small cherry heart stand is also available and the urn can sometimes be cylindrical.
It is made of pure brass and available in moonlight blue color, crimson, or pearl. A cherry heart stand is also provided. Class L, K, and H are available. Names can be painted on the product.
Occurs in three basic grades; L, K, and H. L is the largest with a capacity of 195. It is available in pink, onyx, pearl, and ocean and comes with a cherry heart stand. Satori is made of brass.
This urn is made of brass and is available as granite and earth. Upon payment of a fee, a customized eagle image can be painted.
This is available as bronze and pewter and is made of brass. The largest class L has a capacity of 190.
Classic flag
Two colors are available; slate and P-color. It also comes with a small cherry heart stand. Stainless steel is used to make this urn. It is offered with a flag painting.
Classic gloss
Classic gloss urn is made from stainless steel and is available in pewter.
Classic raku
Classic raku consists of three levels, L, K and H. The smallest (H) has a capacity of 3. The urn is available in bronze and raku.
This comes with a cherry heart stand. Brass is the material of choice and is available in rustic bronze and starlight blue.
Celtic cross
It has a cross painting. Celtic cross is made of brass and has two options available (bronze and pewter).
Classic engraved
The urn comes with defined engravings. It comes as, radiance, platinum, copper oak, and silver oak; the material of choice is brass. Three levels exist, (L, K, and H). There capacities vary with their dimensions.
Athena classic and Athena elite
The urn is available in three sizes and three designs including bronze, bronze elite and pewter. Names can be painted upon a customer request.
This urn has an ancient look and is available as rose, lattice, going home and radiance. Brass is used to manufacture this urn. Depending on the customer’s desire, names can be painted on them.
Glenwood is sold as white, blue, and gray marbles with a unique structure. This occurs in three grades. Brass and Aluminum are used to make the product.
Artisan is a beautiful urn design made of Aluminium and brass. The urn is available as Auburn, indigo, and pearl. A name can be painted as part of the design for the customer.