Litters & Mortuary

Reeves litters and equipment
For the best variety of litters, Reeves will give you just what you need. Being the strongest and most durable equipment, they can be used for a very long time. They are made of non-staining material which makes them very easy to clean when they become soiled.
Reeves litters
Reeves litters come in various models; mesh deacon litter is ideal when transporting patients during decontamination while wheeled litter carrier is useful in transporting a large number of patients over any terrain with ease. These litters are extremely strong and are useful in tough evacuation procedures. Made of 18 oz. vinyl coated nylon, these litters do not pick up stains and are resistant to most chemicals and liquids. They can be used under any terrain when there is need for quick evacuation and patient transfer.
Mortuary decon remains tray
Mortuary decon remains tray is made of material that is easily decontaminated (high density polyethylene). It has notches for placing mesh poles on top to allow any dirty run-off is well contained within it. It has a drain valve and a discharge hose to release any liquid without the fear of contamination.
Remains transfer sheet is in-fitted with a vinyl coated mesh so that when rapidly transporting contaminated remains, they run of beneath the tray avoiding contamination to handlers and environment.
Body bags
Body bags are available in the following models; pediatric body bag for smaller bodies, lightweight disposable adult body bag and heavy duty adult body bag with venting window. Body bags are used when transporting remains without the risk of contamination. They contain a 4.5 zipper on the whole length at the center for easy access of the body. Heavy duty adult body bag has an inner layer which facilitates viewing of the deceased without causing contamination, odor or fluid leakage. Specify color when ordering.