Lifting Aids

After invention of mortuary lifting aids in a variety of models, you can be sure Ferno lifting aids are efficient, long lasting, and can be depended upon from time to time. Ferno is committed to producing several models of lifting aids which are all durable and can be used in confined spaces without hindering extraction, and can still house different body dimensions.
Model 14 slide-under body lifter
Model 14 slide-under body lifter is made so that the lifter does not have to touch the body when transferring it, but can be operated by just placing the frames beside the body and pulling the supports under it. Made entirely of aluminum frame bars and four blue plastic coated nylon straps, it weighs an astonishing 4.5 pounds and can carry up to 350 pounds.
Ferno transfer board
Ferno transfer board is used to relocate patients between adjacent surfaces which include a bed, transport vehicle or table. It weighs 4.5 pounds and it has sufficient surface space to accommodate various body types.
The Ferno Beasy Trans Transfer board
The Ferno Beasy Trans Transfer board facilitates a danger free and efficient way of transferring a sitting patient between adjoining surfaces such as a table and a transport cot and a bed and a transport cot. The one of a kind sit and glide structure reduces the struggle needed by operators to move the patient. Weighing only 6.5 pounds, it can carry heavy bodies of up to 400 pounds and has enough space to hold all body sizes.
Model 132 Manta Retrieval aid
Model 132 Manta Retrieval aid is a compact, easy to store retrieval aid which is ideal for removing bodies from closed spaces. It has eight reinforced hand holds providing ample grip points for people ferrying the body, it’s multipurpose and can be improvised to suit the situation. Made of durable vinyl, the manta can carry heavier bodies reaching up to 800 pounds.