Ferno lives up to the task of coming up with quality, innovative and durable machinery. Ferno has been providing superior quality; dependable body lifts to funeral homes and mortuaries for a long period. The model 400 was the hall mark as it is one of the most advanced lift produced. In such days where there is a high tendency to compete in quality production, Ferno lift is made for maximum efficiency and good user experience.
Model 4000 Ultra Care lift
Model 4000 Ultra Care lift is easy to maneuver and requires very little effort from the user to lift and carry bodies or caskets. It can entirely be operated fully by only one person. You can operate the lift electrically by just pushing a button, on the hand held pendants, and can gently lift or lower loads of about 750 pounds, and is provided with an emergency stop for safety. The control unit is in built with an integrated 24V rechargeable battery. You can charge it by plugging it into a standard 115VAC wall outlet. The model 400 is able to be disassembled for simplified transport and storage. The wheels are fitted with brakes which lock independently or simultaneously when the lift is in use to keep it stationary or regulate its speed when in motion.
The straps of the lifter are strong and have enough length in them. This means that they can lift all lengths of bodies and caskets and even heavier caskets and bodies. They are also of appropriate height to make them fit into most of the rooms and spaces.