Terrybear keepsakes provide a very thoughtful means of storing nostalgic memories with your beloved one. This can be flower petals, the burial site’s soil, strands or lock of hair, or a small portion of the cremated remains.
The new memory light keepsake
The new memory light keepsake is available in crimson, bronze, slate, pewter, moonlight blue, pearl blue, pearl pink and pearl white. It has a capacity of 20 and is made of aluminum.
The memory light keepsake made of copper and enamel is available in several color finishes: butterfly, rose, opal and autumn leaves. It has a nominal capacity.
Memory lights made of marble are available in autumn, heather, moss, canyon, and rosewater and umber models. It has a nominal capacity.
Rose keepsakes
Rose keepsakes are made of brass, has a rose keepsake compartment which includes enough space for personalization. It is available in bronze, pewter, crimson, yellow, white, lavender and pink color options and has nominal capacity.
Songbird keepsake
Songbird keepsake is available in frost blue, pearl and antique bronze. It is made of brass and has a capacity of up to 7.
The LED light of remembrance keepsakes
The LED light of remembrance keepsakes is made of battery powered keepsake lamp with no cord, and can be personalized with small metal plates. It is available in blue or purple butterfly, and both have nominal capacity.
Light of remembrance keepsakes
Light of remembrance keepsakes are made of electric keepsake lamp and are available in blue or pink bouquet. They both have nominal capacity.
Cherry keepsakes
Cherry keepsakes come with a free photo frame. This model is available in heart or pink, with magnetic lid closure and nominal capacity.
Serenity angel keepsake
Serenity angel keepsake is made of resin, is available in antique pewter, antique bronze and porcelain. Its capacity is 5-10.
The personal keepsake
The personal keepsake is made of brass or pewter, can be carried at all times and has a nominal capacity.