Jewelry Displays

Jewelry displays
Displays can either come as display casing or display boxes depending on your preferred choice. The displays available in the memory of lifetime jewelry usually come in the two sizes with different features and dimensions. The display box and the display case. Namely, the JD02 display case and the JD01 display box
The JD02 display case
This is a product, which comes with the following variety of features; firstly, the JD02 display case is lockable, ensuring the safety of jewelry. Furthermore, the product comes with a cherry finish with view-through panels that are acrylic. Thirdly, the product has three shelves. These shelves have felt-lined trays that can hold up to twelve jewelry boxes. These boxes can be arranged in a group of four per shelf. The overall dimensions of the JD02 display case will include a height of 18.6”, a width of 15.0” and a depth of 8.1”. Lastly, the material of choice used to make the display case is a medium density fiberboard
The JD01 display box
This is a type jewelry display case available in the memory of a lifetime jewelry displays. The JD01 display box has the following key features; the product is lockable, ensuring the jewelry inside is safe. Furthermore, the display box has a tray, which can hold up to eight pendants cards. It also has an area where chains can be displayed for viewing or storage purposes. The display box can easily fit in the area of storage beneath the tray in the JD02 display case. This product comes in a cherry finish with view-through panels that are also acrylic. Like the display case, the product is made of a medium density filter board. The overall dimensions of this display box will include a height of 5.4”, a width of 12.0” and a depth of 9.0.”