Infant Urns

It is very painful to lose a young soul. Since 1994 to date, Terrybear productions make sure that infant cremains are preserved in the most honorable means possible. They create several models of urns which correspond to the jovial nature of children and a pure heart. Their patterns are also skillfully done so that there is superior customer service, one that suits individual needs of the customer.
The new memory light keepsake
The new memory light keepsake is available in three stunning colors; pearl blue, pearl white and pearl pink. Its dimensions are; height of 5.8 inches, 3.1 inches deep and a width of 3.1” which makes its capacity 20. Its designs are eked onto aluminum.
The teddy bear box
The teddy bear box is made of medium density fiberboard. Its available color variations are pink, blue and white. It has a height of 3.4 inches, a depth of 3.4 inches and a width of 3.4 inches which makes its capacity 200.
The Arielle heart
The Arielle heart is made such that it looks much like a love heart. It comes in three color combinations: pearl white, pearl pink and pearl blue. It is made entirely of brass. Its dimensions are; a height of 4.2 inches, width of 4.5 inches and depth of 5.5 inches which total up to give it a capacity of 20.
Teddy bear urns
Manufactured from brass, Teddy bear urns are colorfully made. They have a capacity of 20, a height of 4.2, and width of 3.1 and a depth of 3.1. Teddy bear urns are offered in blue or pink color options.
All of terrybear productions are patent protected.