Flexible Stretchers

Reeves Flexible Stretchers
It is very common to have accidents occurring in confined areas with very minimal accessibility to the outside world. Conducting evacuations and removal of casualties is relatively difficult. It is with these effects that reeves came up with flexible and extremely light weight but strong stretchers. Reeves produces these stretchers in various models and capacities to ensure that they accommodate for all types of bodies. Reeves flexible stretchers enable high maneuverability into limited space eliminating the need for common stiff stretchers.
Flexible stretchers are made from 18 oz. vinyl coated polyester. Such materials make them exceptionally resistant to stains, being affected with chemicals (both acids and alkalis), and have a tendency to be easily washed when heavily stained. To increase their strength, hardwood slates are incorporated within the design to improve rigidity, while two inch polypropylene web patient security straps ensure the casualty does not wobble off the stretcher.
Available in several models: 101 stretcher (orange, gray or black), 103 heavy duty stretcher ( orange, grey or black), 104 mass casualty stretchers (orange, grey or black), 105 stretcher w/Sealed body cover (grey) and 106 heavy duty stretcher w/Sealed body cover (grey or orange), Reeves ensures that their stretchers fit into as many emergency situations as possible.
All these stretchers have comfortable handles for a firm grip, and have a wide surface space which allow all sizes of bodies to be carried. They also have a strong body which can enable them to carry weights reaching up to 700 and 1000 pounds. Model 105 stretcher and 106 heavy duty stretcher have zippers running their whole length which ensures that the casualty remains firmly secured on the stretcher.
With such flexibility, Reeves stretchers are top notch, with their durability; it is possible to use them for a very long time.