Covers & Pouches

All Ferno fabrics are made with a patent from Crypton; suede and interlude. Every fiber is stain and odor free, with bacteriostatic effects, complete with breathable integrated moisture barrier which ensures ultimate performance. The interlude and suede can be machine or spot cleaned when really soiled.
24 MAXX cover
24 MAXX cover fits well into 24 MAXX, 24 miniMAXX, model 24 and 27 cots, and this cover was uniquely made for large bodies. It is currently available in black or cabernet Aria.
Model 320 cover
Model 320 cover fits the One Man cot. Held fast by elastic bands at both ends, the cover can be reversed in either sides. It use can include the Model 24 series and Model 27-1 series cots.
Model 321
Model 321 entails tailored slip over design and is two sided. It fits perfectly into model 24 cot series and model 23 series cots.
Model 325 cover
Model 325 cover with elastic on one end covers an estimated area of 1533” squared.
First call cover model 330
First call cover model 330 fits the one man cot, most standard cots and stretchers, and consists of a full length zipper. The cover feature snap fastener tabs that grasp in position under the mattress and has expandable restraint strap-slots.
Model 335 pouch
Model 335 pouch is fully available with an entire long brass zipper, and fits the One Man cot. It also has the same features as the call cover model 330 as far as restraint straps are concerned and is grasped by snap fastener tabs too.
The models 320, 321, 325 and 330 covers together with model 335 pouch are all currently available in Aria and suede.
24 MAXX and 24 miniMAXX pouch
24 MAXX and 24 miniMAXX pouch comes with a top-to-bottom brass zipper. It is protected by fastener tabs too and features whole-length restraint slots; is extendable for larger bodies. It also fits the One Man cot.