The 24-MiniMAXX cot has all superior qualities of the model 24-MAXX in one package. The cot is equipped with independent legs, side lift handles, side arms, cover and a mattress which makes it innovative and sturdy. It is narrow to allow tight maneuverability and is finished with a resilient gloss-black powder-coated finish.
The 24-MAXX cot distinctive features are wider surface, independent legs and larger wheels which allows the transportation of heavy bodies. The cot is easily maneuverable in constricted areas and down-stairs, has a powder coated frame with a classy finish and is offered with a replacement mattress. The unique design of the cot facilitates superior functioning from Ferno.
Model 24 multi-level one man cot
Model 24 multi-level one man cot has a unique release which enables it to lower or raise the cot without feeling the body weight and the cot itself. The loading end legs automatically lock and unfold when off-loading the cot. It comprises of stair glides, 2-piece restraints, pair lift handles and side-arms and can act as a 2-wheeled stretcher at the time when the undercarriage locks.
Colt model 27-1
Colt model 27-1 is fashioned to blend classic and innovative designs. It is fitted with swivel wheels, 2-piece restraints, pair lift handles and side-arms. Its undercarriage is flexible and makes this cot highly controllable in confined areas and its wheels can be locked if necessary.
Model 23 Roll-In Style cot
Model 23 Roll-In Style cot is wide and has a long wheel base to provide stability. Both legs can be locked to use the cot as a two-wheeled stretcher. The cot comes with pair lift handles, 2-piece restraints, side arms and telescoping handles and stair glides with other accessories.
Mini cot Roll-In
Mini cot Roll-In is designed for small body removal. The compact, lightweight roll allows retrieval of bodies done by one person by having extend-able loading wheels and special release levers when lowering the cot.