Cot Accessories

Ferno is your place for all mortuary cot mattresses. The mattresses are available in models 372, 375 tapered, 24 MAXX and 24 miniMAXX. All of these mattresses are made from one inch polyurethane, foam padding with vinyl coated nylon. The mattresses are resilient and resistant to abrasion, fire and non-staining. Due to the material they are made from, these cot mattresses have been tested and found to supersede their bacteriostatic guidelines. In addition, they are sufficiently wide to accommodate large bodies and heavier bodies.
Models 372 cot mattress
Models 372 cot mattress; which fits model 23 and 24 cots, and 375 tapered mattress, which can be equipped to model 27-1 first call cot, are both available in burgundy.
Additional accessories to their catalogue are lap-wrist, wrist, ankle and two piece restraints. Model 414-OL Over-The-Lap restraints position both wrists of the patient using hook and loop closures, above the waist on the lap. Both straps are easily adjusted to suit the patient’s dimensions.
Model 414-R wrist
Model 414-R wrist restraints-cot sidearm, secures the patients wrists to the top of the side-frame. Ankle restraints, model 415-AR, secure both legs of the patient to the frame but can allow individual ankles to be released or secured using hook and loop closures.
Model 430 two piece
Model 430 two piece restraints are of quick automotive type with rust proof buckles with a push button for easy release. A hemmed tab prevents the buckle from pulling free. All the above restraints are available in burgundy and are made from 2” nylon webbing and chrome plated hardware.
Model 5 mortuary fastener
Model 5 mortuary fastener is mounted to floor plates, by thumb screws, to secure cots. The rear fastener remains flat when not in use or ratchet when required.
Model 533 wheel cups and 543/535 post cups
Model 533 wheel cups and 543/535 post cups hold prevent wheel and stretcher posts motion in a vehicle floor.