Church Trucks

All of Ferno church trucks are durable and non-staining. The top surface is sufficiently spacious to allow accommodation of several sizes of caskets. They are also lightweight and can carry variety of weight loads reaching up to 1000 pounds. Their length and height can also be customized to suit the user’s preference.
Cemetery church truck
Cemetery church truck is made of strong aluminum tubing that features a secured gloss which maintains the truck’s new looks. The rubber bumpers and stable x-frame undercarriage assist in protecting the casket. Large 8” pneumatic wheels move with much ease on different terrains. There are 2 wheel locks and 4 swivel wheels offering great control over the truck. A special handle lets the church truck to be moved around or carried and it includes 4 handles located on the sides for heaving over curbs. It can be locked in various positions and lengths, with attractive appearance and comes in blue-grey, onyx, gold, silver or bronze finish color options.
Model 87 church truck
Model 87 church truck is made of strong aluminum tubing with a high gloss finish which is easy to clean. The stable undercarriage bumper helps to secure the casket firmly and is equipped with swivel wheels which make it maneuverable in various surfaces and terrains quite easily. When moving the truck while empty, its in built handles allow it to be carried or pushed. It’s adjustable into four positions. Additional length makes it attractive and stable. This model is available with or without handles in the following colors; bronze, gold, blue-grey, silver and onyx.
Model 88 church truck
Model 88 church truck is designed for compact with less storage space required. It is made on aluminum tubing and features 6” wheels and three adjustable positions. It is available in silver, bronze, onyx, gold and blue-gray.