Shaker Ladder-back Folding Chair Model 560
Solid hard wood is used in the manufacture of the Model 560 chair, with a five years warranty upon purchase. No assembly is needed and the chair can fold to 8.25”. Three variety finishes exists (fruitwood, cherry and oak). With its upholstered seat, it becomes a perfect supplement for extra seating.
Queen Anne Folding Chair Model 684
Its features compliment traditional dining room sets. It has dimensions of; 38” by 17” by 21” and can fold up to 8.5”. This ensures deep storage. Being made of solid hardwood makes it durable. Warranty of five years is also provided upon buying of the chair.
Chippendale Folding Chair Model 1685
With a fruitwood frame finish and blush fabric, it provides perfect additional seating. The product is made from premium solid wood and requires no assembly. Its inbuilt folding mechanism enables folding to 8.25. Product warranty is put to five years. The chair’s dimensions include; 35.5″ height by 17″ width by 20.75“depth when open.
French Cane Back Folding Chair Model 762
The French Cane is French inspired. It comes in sets of two and available in only fruitwood and cherry finish. The product’s dimensions and folding mechanism makes it suitable for extra seating needs. Furthermore, a warranty of five years is guaranteed when you buy the product.
French Upholstered Back Folding Chair Model 861
With dimensions of, 33″height by 18.5″ width by 8.25” depth 22.25”, this product is perfect for additional seating. The folding mechanism enables it to fold to 8.25″ ensuring deep storage. The product further comes with a five-year warranty upon purchase, and you will not require any assembly. Fabric finishes occur in white or blush whereas frame is available in cherry and fruitwood.
Comfort Folding Chair Model 970
This unique product comes only in sets of two and available in fruitwood and cherry finish. Upon purchase, a five-year warranty is provided in case of a fault. Premium solid wood is used in the construction of the Comfort Folding Chair. The chair’s features provide a home with extra seating advantage. The seat fabric can come as white vinyl, black vinyl, or camel. Its dimensions are; 31″height by 19″ width by 6” by 19.75“depth when open.