Terrybear produces some artefacts which can be used alongside some of their equipment. These accessories are very classy and attractive yet they do not sway from their intended use. Other specifications of color and size should be made when making an order.
Urn pendants
Urn pendants are hung on the neck of terrybear urns. They are available in models: golden oval pendants (C400), silver oval pendants (C401), golden frame pendant (C402) and silver frame pendant (C403). Golden frame pendant (C402) and silver frame pendant (C403) are limited editions. Urn pendants don’t hold cremains.
Heart stands
Heart stands are made of brass or medium density fiberboard. These hold the Arielle and hearts model of baby urns. The varieties available are antique bronze (5270) , pewter (5271), MDF cherry heart stand (CMACHS) , MDF white heat stand (CMAWHS) and MDF small cherry stand (CMACHKS).
Personalization plates
Personalization plates are made of an alloy of metals. They can be carved and used for products that are not fit for engraving like paragon, some memory chests, light of remembrance and angel keepsakes. The varieties available are metal plate small with a bronze finish (6505), metal plate small with a pewter finish (6504), metal plate large with a bronze finish (6507) and metal plate large with a bronze finish (6506). The large plate has dimensions consisting a height of 0.75 inches and width of 3.0 inches. The small plate measures 0.6 inches high and a width of 1.6 inches.
Bags and boxes
Bags and boxes made of velvet can hold keepsakes. Bags come in several models; sapphire large bag (501S) and sapphire keepsake bag (502S). The velvet boxes are in blue – cloisonné (C200B), blue (500B) and indigo (5280) which fit into almost all of the keepsakes.